Teds Woodworking Reviews – will it Disappoint ?


Teds Woodworking Reviews will it DisappointControversy about woodworking woodworking plans, especially among woodworking You Tubers , who would of thought ? You can find negative Teds woodworking reviews mixed with harsh words because of Teds woodworking using some fairly aggressive sales tactics.

I am not a big fan of pushy sales people either. The fact is these woodworking plans have been around for quite a few years now, I decided to take a better look at exactly what Teds wood working plans are all about .

Ted’s woodworking

Website: https://www.tedswoodworking.com

Author : Ted Mcgrath

Price: $67.00 – plus upgrades see below 

** New Pricing is being offered click the download 50 free plans and get $20.00 off purchase price. 

Upgrade 1 – price $ 29.97 and it includes

  • wood working resources
  • home 3D building software
  • 200 shed plans
  • 10 designer plans with CAD drawings

upgrade 2 – price is $49.00

  • 700 projects
  • tree house and playhouse plans
  • build your own go carts, sleds and scooters plans
  • the big book of science projects
  • DIY Home repair guide, plus 4 e books as bonuses

There is a down sell for the upgrade 2 which includes only part of what is included above Price $27.00


Ted’s woodworking overview

Basically once you are finished with the purchase you will have access to the member’s area. You will be able to buy the upgrades once inside the member’s area, so don’t feel like you need to buy them when you are checking out.

You will see the below warning Do NOT Close! Do Not Refresh This Page. Buy the upgrades if you want to, but don’t feel rushed. I am guessing that this is what some folks are referring to as Ted’s woodworking pushy sales tactics. This is what seems to leading to Negative Teds woodworking reviews? Personally it didn’t bother me because I am familiar with online digital sales tactics. Upsells down sells a bit confusing if you haven’t been exposed to them before.

teds wood working check out page

Inside the member’s area

You will find that the plans are fairly well organized and easily accessed. You can right click on the plans and save them to your hard drive and print them off later because they are in PDF format. There is a variety of plans and depending on what level you purchased you may see something different. One complaint is that some of the plans are not in the correct category, this may be because there are over 15000 plans ?


teds woodworking members area


There is also access to 150 videos that are fairly well done. The videos are all instructional and are detailed to help improve woodworking skills . The videos are always fresh because they are consistently updated. As you can see from the image below there are instructional videos in lots of different categories resulting in many options for your DIY projects inside and outside of the house .

teds woodworking members area videos

Where does Ted get his plans ?

Do a search if this bothers you and you will find out a lot of mis-information . Some claim the Teds woodworking is in copy write violation , others say it’s fine. None of this bothers me personally and I feel it’s the author”s issue . If I purchased the plans legally certainly me and thousands of other people who did the same will not be effected. I am not a lawyer but this is my opinion. With a collection of 16000 plans as stated, certainly someone may have a claim? Below are what some have to say about Ted’s woodworking .

teds woodworking testimonials

The Good:

  1. Plans are detailed with diagrams and dimensions in most plans and are presented well.
  2. fairly easy to find the plan you want because the member’s area is well laid out .
  3. Great for novice woodworkers because the instructions for most plans are in step by step format.
  4. You get a material list as well as a list for all the tools you will need for a particular project.
  5. The bonus videos are good quality and are updated regularly. I found these really useful and informative.
  6. Ted’s offers a Risk-Free 60-day guarantee, this is unusual because you can download and print the plans .

teds woodworking members area guarantee

The Bad:

  1. The sales process may feel a bit awkward because the seller creates a sense of urgency to buy the up grades immediately . As I mentioned before, you can access these at any time later. Sleep on it to see if it is what you really need. This is most likely the reason for some negative Ted’s woodworking reviews .
  2. There may not be 16000 plans, but there are lots to choose from in a variety of different areas . Bird houses , dog houses , lawn furniture just to name a few.
  3. The simplicity of some of the projects are overstated and some novices will be overwhelmed because of the complexity. This is only true for some of the plans, others are quite simple and can be easily followed.
  4. You have to pay extra to have the plans in DVD format, the sales images may lead you to believe otherwise. You can plainly see a DVD displayed in the sales literature.


Who is Ted’s woodworking Plans For?

In general Teds plans are for anyone looking to have access to literally thousands of wood working project ideas.

If you are specifically looking for  shed plans you will need to upgrade for an extra $27.00 . This is still worth the price given what Ted includes in his package, but there is cheaper alternatives for shed plans.

Both experts and novice wood workers will find value in this plans package. Just be aware that all 16000 plans will not fit everyone because of woodworkers different skill levels .

You can also take Teds woodworking plans for a test run , just click on the button on the bottom of the page . You will get access to 50 free woodworking plans that are instantly emailed to you .

Teds woodworking Support

The support team is available and return customers inquiries within 48 hours. I have not had a need to access the support so I can not personally speak as to their effectiveness.

My Final Opinion of Teds woodworking plans .

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the detail and quality of most of the plans. My skill level is just above average and I have experience with hand and power tools. I found the videos to be informative and generally check in to watch 1 or 2 a week.

Ted states “skill level doesn’t matter” of course no one could take this seriously? I did not purchase the upgrades and only bought the standard package, this has given me more than enough plans for a lifetime. If you are looking for a good variety of decent woodworking plans then I would say this is a good option for you to consider.

If you have any questions or comments on this post Ted’s woodworking reviews please leave them below.

Teds Woodworking

$ 67.00

Basic starter




Members area


Woodworking Plans





  • Plans are detailed with diagrams and dimensions,
  • Easy to find the plan you want
  • Great for novice woodworkers
  • The bonus videos are good quality
  • Money back guarantee


  • The sales process may feel a bit awkward
  • There may not be 16000 plans, but there are lots
  • The simplicity of some of the projects are overstated
  • You have to pay extra to have the plans in DVD format

15 thoughts on “Teds Woodworking Reviews – will it Disappoint ?”

  1. Thanks for the review of Teds Woodworking. I guess I’m still a bit concerned that, as a novice, this might still be beyond me? It ‘s also a concern that there are so many plans and they may not be categorised correctly, so it does sound a bit overwhelming. With some sites they let you have a look around a bit before you purchase, is that an option with Teds Woodworking? Or any money back guarantee if this just doesn’t work out for me? Thanks in advance.

    • Thank you for your comment Melissa , there isn’t a free starter plan with Ted\s wood working plans but you can get access to 50 free plans here  if you want to take a look before signing up . There is also a 60 day money back guarantee, as I stated in my teds woodworking review this is actually very good as you rarely get this option with downloadable digital products. 

  2. Nice review of Teds woodworking plans! I think, after reading all the pros and cons, that this is a pretty good deal. I am a novice woodworker and find a lot of value in plans that are well put together. I do not think even $100 is too much to pay for quality plans that include videos!

    Have you used these plans in your own work?

    • Hi Dave thank you for your comment , yes I have used the plans , just recently I built a built in book case , while I did not follow the plan exactly the concept was taken from Teds wood working plans . The plan from Teds was a 6 foot long book case , the one my customer wanted was 7 1/2 feet long 8 feet high . 

  3. Thank you for this review on Ted’s Wood Working Plans review. You’ve presented a great guide and help to people who want to learn by themselves anything about wood works. 

    It’s great to know that what you can purchase is a complete lesson from text to videos and that’s what a learner needs for proper instruction. 

  4. Hey Rick

    This is just what I was looking for some how to house tips.I looked through 

    your review on Teds Woodworking and found that there were plans for building sheds 

    and I thought hey this could help me with building my shed. I am going to see about buying 

    the plans on the shed.

    Thanks for How to House tips

    • Thanks for your comments Freddie if you don’t need the woodworking plans you could take a look at Ryan’s shed plans . They are more specific to building  garden sheds and  8 x 10 sheds ect. Both are good options the shed plans are a bit cheaper . Hope this helps? 

  5. Ted’s Woodworking review is a very informative article. There is so much information to be gotten from this article in which woodworking is something I was looking to get into. Being able to purchase Ted woodworking would probably be a good idea for me and  anyone who really don’t have a direction for this new hobbies or repairs.

    I thank you for this very informative article I really appreciate it

  6. Thank you for your comprehensive review on Ted’s Wood Working Plans, This is a great guide for people like me who really have no idea where to start from in regards to wood works.  The fact that it comes complete with videos is a very good advantage to viewers who prefer videos to reading articles.

    • Hi Rutz thank you for your comment , yes I agree the videos in Teds plans are very helpful for anyone doing a woodworking project . 

  7. Hi Rick – I really enjoyed reading your review about Ted’s Woodworking because I came across this website about a year ago and was considering signing up for it.  Thank you for all this information and your opinion on the product.  I am fairly new to woodworking,but it’s something I really enjoy.  I will reconsider purchasing these plans from Teds Woodworking.

    Thank you,


    • Thank you for your comments Michele ,Teds plans are definitely worth a look , given the guarantee you really have nothing to lose !!

  8. Hi, Thanks for this review. I’m interested in doing some woodworking but I have no idea where to start. Thanks for the warning not to be pressured to buy the upgrades and giving us an overview of what to expect from Ted’s Woodworking. Sorry. I might have missed it but is the payment cost one time or subscription base? If it is a one-time payment, I think it is a pretty good deal even with the upgrades. I think as a novice though, I would not need the upgrades. Last question, are the plans labeled whether it is for beginner, intermediate or expert?



    • Hi John this is a one time payment , its just the upsells that would cost you more and you can either choose to buy these or not . Hope this helps thank you for your question

  9. Hey, Rick! Thank you for your review of Ted’s Wood Working Plans! I learned new things again! I think your review is very objective and detailed. To be honest with you, I don’t need the plan right now, but if I need it in the future, I’m sure I’ll come back and read your post and website again!

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