Ryan’s Shed Plans Review Whats Inside?

There seems to be a lot of controversy online regarding the product My Shed Plans also known as Ryan’s Shed Plans. Because of this I decided to take a deeper look into the product, below you will find my Ryan’s shed plans review . I generally don’t do reviews but occasionally I do find products worth taking a second look at.

PRODUCT NAME: My Shed Plans, AKA Ryan’s Shed Plans

Website: https://www.myshedplans.com

Price: $ 37.00 Standard package,  Upgrades Available 

Owner: Ryan Henderson


After you have paid for the product you will have access to the member’s area. You can search through and download the plans from there. Included is other woodworking plans which include plans for a garden bench, dog houses and kennels among others.

Inside the members area

The member’s area is fairly easy to navigate and is simple maneuver. You will have access to download the plan you have selected . There is also some advertising and sales stuff relating to pre-built sheds. This is easily ignored and I didn’t find it a problem. Downloading the plans is a simple right click and save to your computer.

Members area ryan's shed plans

Ryan's shed plans review








The seller states that there are over 12000 plans, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

There are plenty of plans to chose from but not all of them are shed plans and some folks are disappointed because some plans are not as detailed as others.

ryan's shed plans 12000


Some of the plans are complete from start to finish. They include material lists with diagrams and step by step instructions. Others just have simple drawings and some written construction details. This is fine for someone with construction experience, but the novice may fine this inadequate due to the lack of detail.


Other guides included

My Shed Plans  bonuses do contain some valuable information for  DIY home projects. There are guides for plumbing, electrical , foundations, tile, stone work, cement work, and other relevant home repair information.

The plans are printable, so you can store your projects on your computer. You can also print out the plans, which is very handy when you go to your local building supplies to get building material.

There are testimonials from member’s of Ryan’s Shed Plans, the problem is you don’t really know exactly how they were obtained. You will have to decide if you believe them or not and take them as you see fit .


Ryan's shed plans testimonials

The Good:

  1. There are lots of usable detailed plans as a result they are comprehensible.
  2. Pricing is reasonable for what you get because you can easily recoup the cost by using 1 plan.
  3. The plans are printable resulting in easy use as you can take the plan to your shop.
  4. The information provided is accurate and easy to follow.
  5. Bonuses content is actually quite good. While the bonus content does not pertain toshed plans it is useful for general home maintenance .
  6. ryan's shed plans 60 day Money BackThere are five free shed plans you can access , you can get these below and they are emailed to you
  7. There is a 60 day Money Back Guarantee



The Bad:

  1. To many upgrades , most of them are not necessary. You will be walked through some upgrades , hold off on buying them.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be 12000 plans, but who’s counting ? I didn’t count the plans but it seems unlikely there are 12000 as stated.
  3. Some of the plans are not very detailed and are poor quality, they look like they were thrown in to bulk up package.
  4. You are not only paying for shed plans as you receive other woodworking plans for outdoor furniture etc.
  5. The materials list are not complete for all of the projects resulting in some guess work



Who is Ryan’s shed plans for?

I believe that most people who are not professional carpenters will get value out of this plans bundle. The fact that there may not be 12000 plans is not deal breaker for me. After all the price is only $37.00 and after using 3-4 plans easily pays for itself. There are upgrades to get the product on a DVD and as well as other upgrades.

I recommend if you are considering purchasing the product to start with the standard plan and upgrade as you see fit. Don’t believe that when you are going through the check out process that the upgrades are one time offers. Upgrades can be bought at a later time if you choose to do so. They can be helpful if you prefer DVD’s to store your plans on instead of using your computer.

If you want to take a sneak peak you can access 5 Free shed plans by clicking the button below

download 5 free shed plans


My Final Opinion of Ryan’s Shed Plans AKA My Shed Plans

If you are looking for 12000 plans and want step by step instructions for every project you will be disappointed. But if you want some DIY project ideas and ample detailed plans to last you many years, you should be satisfied. Some of the compliments online about Ryans shed plans are overstated in my opinion. I am a professional in the construction field, I know what hiring a carpenter costs. You can easily make up your purchase price by using the shed plans just once

Product Name: Ryan’s Shed Plans

Website: https://www.myshedplans.com

Price: $ 37.00 Starter, some Upgrades

Owner: Ryan Henderson


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Ryan's Shed Plans

$ 37.00

Basic starter




Members area


Shed Plans





  • There are lots of usable detailed plans that are fairly comprehensive
  • Pricing is reasonable for what you get
  • The plans are printable for easy use
  • The information provided is accurate and easy to follow
  • Bonuses content is actually quite good


  • To many upgrades and, but most of them are not necessary.
  • There doesn't seem to be 12000 plans, but who's counting ?
  • Some of the plans are not very detailed and are poor quality.
  • You are not only paying for shed plans

11 thoughts on “Ryan’s Shed Plans Review Whats Inside?”

  1. My aunt was considering buying Ryan’s Shed plans. I didn’t realize it only cost 37.00. That’s not a bad price at all for the plans and materials list. It would stink though for someone like myself (and aunt) who aren’t familiar with building to find out that the materials list was incomplete and we didn’t buy all the things needed to complete the project. lol She ended up buying a prefab from a local dealer but I will let her know about your review for future projects:)

  2. It’s a little disconcerting that some of the plans they provide don’t seem complete. I would think if you were trying to be taken seriously, there should be consistency across the board when it comes to the materials you are providing. My question is with all the DIY information you can find online, does that render the need to pay for this service obsolete? 

    • Hi Steve es there is a lot of information online but if you are a novice builder then perhaps you may not even know what to look for . I generally build with out a detailed plan , but if you need to submit a plan to your local town for approval then having one already made up can be very handy . 

  3. Before reading this article I have never know anything about Ryan’s Shed plans. It sounds like a really good one for anyone who has woodworking as their hobby or even want to have this as their profession. The membership is not that expensive. Thank you so much for this article.

  4. I am very new to building any kind of structure, but I do know a little bit about framing and can swing a mean hammer. I was referred to this by a friend because she knows I want to build my own tiny house. The sales page initially put me off a little.

    In your experience, will there be a plan in there that could help build a tiny house?

    • Hi Linda thank you for your comment … A tiny house will be somewhat different as there has to be consideration to the fact that the home is built on a trailer . This would require some extra bracing in the framing to ensure that the structure stays sound. Ryans shed plans would certainly give you some ideas of designs you may want to incorporate into your tiny home . Hope this helps , thanks again 

  5. I think it’s worth it to give the RYAN company a second chance, as reading from the current users experience the program seems to be good.

    The issue i have with most company though is the false advertisement they offer just to act as bait to bring people in and i think that’s what is affecting the brand.

    Would definitely check out their plans as i need some DIY project ideas and ample detailed plans

    • Thank you for your comments Rahye , the fact that there may not be 12000 plans was not a deal killer for me .. there is still plenty to choose from and use .

  6. Hi 

    I enjoyed reading  your review on my shed plans also known as Ryan’s shed plan. I personally like that it is not too expensive only $37 and you can learn to build something as big as a shed. Whereas, people actually go to school and pay thousands of dollars to learn the same thing. It is amazing. I would like to purchase some for my brother for his birthday because he is into building. However, I was wondering if this product is available for people in Canada because most of the times, I am usually so excited about getting a product only to find out that is not available to the Canadian market. Do you know if I can buy the product if I am in Canada?

    Overall well researched and nicely written review. Thank you so much!



    • Hi Pam thanks for your comment , absolutely you can purchase Ryans shed plans if you live in Canada. It is delivered as a digital product so it is actually available word wide . Hope this helps ‘

  7. Hi Rick! Yeah, there is a lot of controversy online concerning Ryan’s Shed Plans. And that’s why I have been researching. And I’m so glad I found your site.

    Yes, I would really like all the plans to contain step by step instructions and full list of materials. But as you have also stated, just by finding one plan that suits us and using it, we can easily make up our purchase price. I’ll definitely take this sneak peak and access these 5 Free shed plans. Thank you very much for this review.

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