How to Clean and Seal a Deck in a Day !

How to Clean & Seal a Deck in a Day !Winter is coming to a close and it is nearing that time of year where we will soon be looking to get out doors. I thought it was a good time to share some information about how to clean and seal a deck . Wood decking can get aged over time and depending on the climate you live in , winter can be hard on your wood surfaces .

How to Clean, Renew and Seal a Wood Deck in One Day • DIY …

RON HAZELTON: You know, even a deck that’s as dingy, dirty and discolored as this one is only one day away from rejuvenation. Let me show you how. The secret to making this a one-day process is this water-based system from Thompson’s. There’s no need to let the wood dry between steps.

We’re going to begin with a deck cleaner. This is a concentrate, so I’ll first add two quarts of warm water to my deck sprayer, then the cleaner. A thorough stirring is a good idea. Then I screw on the top and pump up a little pressure.

I apply the cleaner by keeping the nozzle about a foot from the surface and moving back and forth in smooth, even strokes, overlapping each one. Now the idea here is to thoroughly wet the surface but to avoid cooling. If it’s a warm or breezy day, you may need to go back and reapply the cleaner.

Work smaller areas at a time, say 20 or 30 square feet. Allow the cleaning solution to sit on the surface for about 10 minutes. Then using a synthetic bristle brush, give the wood a good scrubbing. Now you don’t need to use a lot of pressure. Just agitate the cleaner and work it well into the surface.

Now I rinse off the cleaning solution with a garden hose and high-pressure nozzle. If I were working on the lawn, I’d pre-wet the grass to help dilute the liquid being washed off. You know, it’s amazing how much of the darkness and dinginess on a deck comes just from dirt.

Tom from This Old house gives us a walk through of how to clean and seal a deck.

Deck Care and Maintenance | Maintain Your Deck

Because decks are exposed to the elements all year round, it’s a good idea to establish a routine of upkeep that’ll protect your deck and prevent expensive repairs.

Here’s a simple maintenance schedule to help keep your deck safe, sound, and looking great.

An unwashed deck is an invitation to mold and mildew, which can cause rot. Here’s how to wash your deck:1. Remove debris from between deck boards using a putty knife. Pay special attention to the areas where deck boards cross the joists — the structural members underneath the decking.TIP: For a makeshift extension that’s a real knee-saver, try pushing the handle of your putty knife into a length of 1¼-inch PVC pipe. Some putty knives squeeze right in. Or buy a pole-type groove and crevice cleaner.2. Protect all shrubs and plantings. Wet them and cover them with plastic sheeting. 3. Thoroughly sweep the deck. 4. Choose an appropriate cleanser.

5. Clean the deck. Choose a cloudy day when the decking is cool and the sun won’t evaporate the cleaner.

6. Let deck dry. Wait two days before sealing.

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I gathered this information below to help you decide on the best type of deck sealer and deck stains you can use .

Top 10 Best Deck Sealers & Best Deck Stains in 2019 – Reviews

Given time, weather, rotting, mildew and other things can completely ruin your wooden deck. But that is not to say there is nothing you can do about it, which is why we have deck sealers, also called deck stains. Because of these great deck maintenance products, your deck can maintain its great appearance for years without suffering much deterioration.

Unfortunately, not every deck sealer can be entrusted to keep your deck properly protected, which is why it is important to ensure that you get a good sealer the first time round. And so, here are some of the best deck sealers in the market today.


If DIY projects are your thing, then you have a lot to like about this particular wood sealer. The product can deliver professional results, and its usage procedure is very easy. In any case, when you use this sealer on your deck, you can expect the wood will have an enhanced color and its surface rejuvenated.

From there, you can look forward to a long period of protection that does not come with issues like cracking, flaking, or chipping. Because the formula used to make this product is non-drip, no overlapping will be experienced during its application.


Buyers will get both a sealer and a stainer by purchasing this product. With its transparent color, it should work well with many types of wooden surfaces. Its abilities include the capacity to create a waterproof surface on wood in addition to helping prevent mildew damage and other types of problems unprotected wooden surfaces typically experience.

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